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We provide authentic period costumes for use in living history sites, museums, reenactments, film, and special events.

Here are some of the generous comments we have recieved over the years from our happy customers.

"Got the dress coat today. I am impressed. That doesn't mean much except that I have a large collection of uniforms and reproduction clothing from Revolutionary War through WW2, including some Napoleonic Wars generals uniforms, (Russian, Prussian, British and Napoleon's) and have much to compare. Yours is as good as I could possibly want. The cut, weight, details like padding/quilting, raw edge and buttonholes, etc. could not be better done, truly a museum reproduction."
Fort Thomas, Kentucky
I can't tell you how happy I am with the cut, quality and fit of the suit! It fits like you were here to measure me. Thanks so much for all the advice and craftsmanship.
Wagner Farm,
Glenview, Illinois
"I have been a reenactor for years, CW and 1812. I commanded the Mobile Alabama CW reg't for 14 years. I have a two story building full of reenactment gear. I have thousands of dollars worth of period clothing. I know CW tailors around the US and have some nice officers coats. The pants and waistcoat you made me are the finest, highest quality period clothing I have ever seen. I know what to look for and what I see is skill, craftsmanship, and a care for detail. I will look forward to purchasing more of your fine clothing. Thank You for such a good job!"
Fairhope, Alabama
"Marg got back and brought over the suit today - it is phenomenal!!! I carefully tried it on with a regular white dress shirt and tie underneath and some regular clasp suspenders. It fits beautifully! -- I am so amazed that you could sort out the correct measurements from all the variations I sent you. I am ecstatic to wear this not only for the wedding but for other formal occassions in the years to come! I know immediately that this suit is a personal treasure and a long-term jewel of my wardrobe. I only wish modern clothing was so flattering! "
Colorado Springs, Colorado
"We got the suit yesterday. It looks fantastic! Paul tried it on andhe looked so elegant in it. He also looked like he stepped out of the last century. The fabric looks great. We weren't sure how the stripe would look, but it just adds to the look of the suit. We were very impressed by the workmanship on the entire suit. We loved all of the details and the striped fabric for the sleeve linings. The suit really does look like it's a vintage one."
P & C. K.
Wilimett, Illinois
"The trousers and vest fit marvelously! The hat arrived today, it fits perfectly, and I must say, it is the most handsome hat I have ever seen! For the price, I expected something very nice, but this exceeded my expectations! I dare say, most of the people involved in the Civil War reenacting hobby have never seen the likes of my outfit. It says QUALITY from top to bottom!"
Bossier City, Louisiana
"The suit arrived on time and everything fits perfectly. Your workmanship is really incredible, and I am sure to be wearing this suit for years to come. Everyone here is very pleased with the clothes; the quality is outstanding"
Vancouver, Washington
"You can't imagine how pleased I am with my shirt and trousers which I ordered. Not only do they fit perfectly, they're beautifully constructed. I have sewn for many years, but the fit you've achieved is far superior to anything I've been able to accomplish. That you were able to do this via e-mail and fax astonishes me! You are a remarkable tailor. In addition to your fine craftsmanship, you are a pleasure to work with--always accommodating and responsive. I unreservedly recommend your services."
Napa, California
"I am thrilled with the clothing. It arrived a couple of days ago and is absolutely beautiful. We have already had several kids try them on, and a couple of adults were ready to "borrow" them for long periods of time!"
Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, Conneticut
"Enclosed are some photos of how the costumes look. They are both really pleased with the results and they really do look fantastic. Thanks very much for handling our order and for your great design and tailoring work. It was a pleasure working with you."
Kitchener, Ontario
"Exquisite . . . masterful . . . hand-crafted excellence! These are the words I favor to describe the piece you created for me. You certainly are a master of your craft."
Columbus, Ohio
"The vest and trousers were splendid and survived easily the play and overseas journey. I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy your work for many years."
Crete, Illinois
"What a wonderful hat.Thank you again for surpassing all expectations and exceeding my customer service measurement. You and your company, are truly amazing and will be referenced often. You have a customer for life."
"The suit got here on time - a day early, in fact. It is delightful. I gave a dinner last Monday at which I wore it, to wonderful effect! It is very well made, it fits wonderfully, and the workmanship is outstanding. Thanks you very much - I'll more than likely be back for more - so please keep my measurements on file."
Edmonds, WA
"I received the frockcoat today and let me say...WOW!!! You did a fantastic job. It really looks like something from 1843! Perfect. It really is a work of art. I am amazed that you could make a product that when worn by me with a difficult body type, it comes across with an 1840's silhouette. Fantastic! It really puts this garment in a class of its own. It fits me perfect. It is the finest garment I own. Thank you for getting it here for the Dickens Holiday event this Friday. I will be the best dressed person there."
Greensboro, NC
"The suit arrived and it is incredible! WOW! It fits perfectly, it looks amazing! Love the shirt, suspenders, the vest, all of it. I cannot thank you enough. I'll be very busy up until the wedding bit I will eventually get some photos out to you of this wonderful creation. Thanks for everything."
New York City, NY
"New Brunswick's 104th regiment epic march to Kingston. View the video here."
St. John River Society,
Fredricton, NB
"The uniform and suit arrived and they are OUTSTANDING! You really did a superb job. Thank you so much for the effort. The fit is very good all round and the look is exceptional. Once again, thank you!"
Parks Canada, Niagra-on-the-Lake, ON
"I just wanted to say a really big heartfelt thank you to Stan and 'History in the Making'. We are a French based theatre company and it took quite a leap of faith to order such an important costume all the way from Canada, but we had read other testimonials and had the feeling that the quality was going to be really good. We certainly weren't disappointed! The tweed cloth was beautiful and of a really good genuinely 'heavy' quality. The cut and fit were perfect for all the different parts of the suit, and the little extras like the metal fastenings at the knee just make the costume stand out from the alternatives we could have got here for the same price. We're very glad we decided not to hire a suit, we want to keep this one and I know we will use it again and again. Thank you Stan for always being quick to respond to any queries I had, I would definitely put my trust in you and your company again!"
Strasbourg, France
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